Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Wicked Fun Day Off

The Rink at Fenway
I had the day off today.  Know what I did?  I went ice skating at Fenway Park and it was awesome.  I attend many Sox games during the season when Fenway is bursting at the seams. Today I experienced Fenway in a much different atmosphere. There were no vendors hawking their goods, no crazy fans heckling from the stands, no hot dog and sausage scents floating in the air. No beer. Hot chocolate trumps beer when it's 40 degrees outside. Music was playing over the PA system but really the best sound was the "swoosh, swoosh" of the blades gliding across the ice.  It's such a unique perspective skating in a rink constructed on the grounds where so much happiness and heartbreak have intersected over the years.  As I was skating around and taking it all in, I wasn't thinking about how the Sox tanked last season or the dismal state of the economy and other problems. Nope, I was thinking about all the times I've spent in this old ballpark with my family and friends.  Might sound corny I know, but looking around the park, those stands weren't empty; they were full of memories.  Not a bad way to spend the day.

The Green Monster

I didn't fall once!
Step right up...

A cool view

Thanks to my friend Betty for inviting me to this terrific event!

P.S:  I was walking down Comm. Ave on my way to Fenway and these five souls caught my eye.  I hope the rest of their day got better.