Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Scorcha!

My Rating System    

4 Dunkies-Wicked Awesome; Add to DVD/Blu-Ray Collection

3 Dunkies- Wicked Good

2 Dunkies-  I’d rather be at Fenway during a rain delay.

1 Dunkie- I’d rather be stuck on the Red Line during the morning commute.

I'm giving The Heat 3 Dunkies. If you've seen the trailers and read the reviews then you already know the movie stars Sandra Bullock as the uptight FBI agent and Melissa McCarthy as the Boston detective. It's your typical buddy cop flick except this time it's two females in the lead roles.  It's rated R for a reason as it's a bit raunchy and lots of F-bombs are dropped but it all works. Melissa McCarthy is typically awesome in the role of Detective Mullins. Just when you think she's over the top with her verbal jabs she displays a sincerity in her delivery that pulls you back in. Bullock and McCarthy have a fun rapport that makes you think they had a great time filming this movie.
    It's obvious the movie was shot in Boston and the supporting actors prove it. There is a scene where Bullock as Special Agent Ashburn is talking with Mullins' brothers at the dinner table. They ask her if she's a narc and she doesn't understand them because of their thick Boston accents. Normally, I hate scenes when the Boston accent is so exaggerated for laughs but this time it felt natural and I did laugh out loud.  It probably didn't hurt that Joey McIntyre was in the scene too. What can I say, I'm a little biased.
    So, to sum it all up, go cool off and see The Heat.  I guarantee you'll have a few laughs.

Oh wait, one more thing...I saw the movie at the AMC Theaters in Braintree.  The theaters now have reclining chairs! When did that happen?  It was so comfortable. I would definitely recommend seeing a flick there at least once.