Sunday, December 19, 2010

Support Christmas in the City!

Donated toys for Christmas in the City. (Seaport Hotel)

Bring some joy to a child's Christmas this year by donating
a toy to Christmas in the City.
Christmas in the City is an all volunteer organization who collect toys for homeless children in the Boston area.  There are still a couple days left to donate.  If you are in the Boston area, toys can be dropped off at Kennedy Brothers Physical Therapy at 45 Franklin Street. Donations can also be made via the Christmas in the City website to fulfill a child's wish list.

For more information please visit the Christmas in the City website at


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Has Arrived, Finally.

I love winter. I know it's not officially winter yet (even though it feels like it) but in my mind when you live in New England winter really begins November 1st.  Give me the cold air, snow, early nightfall any day. Winter can't arrive soon enough for me.  I'm not a summer person. I burn easily even when I slather on SPF 85.  I prefer the heat of the fireplace than the heat of the sun at the beach. Frolic in the sand? Nope, not me. You'll most likely find me romping in the snow sledding down a hill. I'd rather skate on frozen water than swim in a salty ocean. Call me crazy. 
Boston's Frog Pond
One of my favorite winter activities is ice skating at Boston's Frog Pond. Skating at the Frog Pond is a highlight of the season. The rink is located on Boston Common nestled next to Beacon Hill.  I love skating under the twinkling lights, breathing in the crisp, cold air and catching a glimpse of the State House's golden dome up on the hill. If I glance the other way I'll see the Hancock Tower peeking out over the Back Bay. The Frog Pond is open to skaters of all skill levels which is reassuring because I am not a great skater.  In fact I don't even know how to stop properly. I usually just circle the rink until I eventually slow down or until I bump into the boards, whichever comes first. Skating at Frog Pond will put a smile on your face no matter how cold it is. If you do get cold, the Frog Pond does have a lovely cafe area where you can purchase hot chocolate and other snacks.
     My belief is that since we experience winter at least five months out of the year here in Massachusetts then we might as well embrace it, right?  So layer up, grab your skates and take a spin on the ice. It'll do you good!