Thursday, March 28, 2013

Train Trek

South Station       J.Stanish

I have a love/hate relationship with South Station.  I love it in the afternoons and hate it in the mornings.  Like many commuters, mornings are not my friend.  It takes a little time for me to ease into the daily grind. I always feel a slight dread when the automated voice announces "next stop, South Station".  That announcement is like a second alarm clock forcing me to buck up. Time to trudge through the terminal with the other weary commuters. We walk past the big board listing all the day's destinations. Every time I see the board I want to turn around and hop on a train to New York or somewhere else.  
The afternoon is a different story though.  I usually have a bounce in my step and a relaxed attitude as South Stations's lovely granite facade welcomes me into it's grand terminal. I read the big board once more listing all the destinations and wait for my train to depart. Time to go home and not think about the office. I'll do it all again tomorrow. That is unless the big board beckons me to play hooky.  I think I feel a sick day coming on. 

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