Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sweet Caroline, Please Go Away

A few observations after attending my first Sox game of the season last night:

First off, it's always comforting returning to Fenway.  I like the familiarity of the place; the Wall, the tricky corners, the uncomfortable seats, the Play Ball song.  I love the fact that I can share these experiences with each generation of my family.  I love the easiness of the park and the game itself. It forces me to slow down and I appreciate that.
The start of the season usually means some changes were made at Fenway.  This season is no different. There are some new concession options near my seats in the Third Base Deck.  The usual stuff is there, hotdogs, chicken tenders, fries, burgers, pretzels.  They’ve got fancy burgers now too. A Tasty Burger is now open in the Third Base Deck area.  There is also a bar in that section now. I don’t get the bar thing.  Why pay for a $30 ticket and then sit at the bar drinking $9.00 beers?  Why even go to the game if you’re just going to sit at the bar?  You can do that anywhere. I don’t see the appeal. 

First pet peeve of the night: People leaving their seats during the inning.  I get it if you have kids. Kids are kids. No problem.  But there's always the knuckleheads who are constantly getting up during a 3-2 count and blocking my view and the view of the person behind me.  Can't you go between innings?  I thought it was one of those unwritten baseball rules.

When the Sox were up during the first inning, their walk-on songs were displayed on the screen. A.J. Pierzynski walks on to a song called AJ Scratch. Did someone create that just for him? Hmm...at least it's not country.

Speaking of music, the organist did a bang up job last night. I heard some Rolling Stones, some Beyoncé. My favorite was when "If You Don't Know Me By Now" played during a pitcher/catcher meeting on the mound. Love those little moments.   The 8th inning of course brought Sweet Caroline.  I hate Sweet Caroline. I am a loyal Sox fan but I am so sick of that song.  It’s become a staple at Fenway and it won't go away. It feels so forced now. I know people love it but can't we try something else? Daft Punk anyone? 
The best part of last night's game was that the Red Sox won.  First home win of the season.  Red Sox nation can release the panic button for now. 

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