Wednesday, February 16, 2011

C'mon Bruins...

  Ok, Bruins, the Sox are creeping back in the news. Spring training has started and it's all Sox all the time. Now I love the Red Sox. I have my games lined up for the upcoming season but I really want the Bruins to take center stage for once or in this case center ice.  I've loved the Bruins since the 8th grade when my teacher Sister Mary Teresa would hold rallies at school for the team. Back then I didn't know much about hockey but I learned quickly. I love the fast pace of the game, the physical play and the penalties. I love that hockey has a penalty box. Maybe it's the Catholic in me but the penalty box reminds me of the confessional. You sin, you do your time in the box (confess) and then hopefully you're done in two minutes. If you sinned big time then perhaps you get a five minute major or have to recite the Act of Contrition.  It all makes sense to me. 
   The Bruins don't always get the attention and flash that the other Boston teams receive. The B's remind me of a middle child. They are sometimes forgotten, not valued as say their older siblings, the Sox and Celtics, and definitely not as spotlight grabbing as their younger siblings the Patriots.  Of course, the Bruins can be incredibly frustrating to watch. They show flashes of brilliance here and there but not consistently. I want the Bruins to reflect the traits of the city they represent: toughness, intelligence, hard working, passion.  I know this team has it.  I've seen it. Yeah, I know they could use another goal scorer or the "ever elusive puck moving defenseman" that the media is always talking about. If they can play like they did vs. Montreal and Dallas a couple weeks ago then they might go far or at least they will be fun to watch. C'mon Bruins, give us something, I know you have it in you! 


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sha la la la

During one of the recent storms I parked my rear on the sofa and started flipping through the channels. When I reached the 200's on the dial I figured my quest for entertainment just wasn't happening. Then I reached channel 221 and it felt like I hit the jackpot. The HUB channel was airing episodes of Family Ties! Maybe I was feeling nostalgic but I was so excited to see the Keaton family again. Alex P. Keaton! He was one of the greatest characters on television. Always wearing a tie and carrying a briefcase, Alex is the only Republican I will ever like.  As a kid I loved Family Ties and I loved Thursday nights.  The Cosby Show (loved the Huxtables), Family Ties, Cheers, Night Court. Thursdays were always a great night for TV.
   I loved the Keatons. I enjoyed the dynamics between Steven and Elyse and Alex, Mallory and Jennifer. Even Skippy the neighbor was like part of the family. I could have done without Andrew in the later seasons but I liked how all the siblings looked after him. Remember Nick, Mallory's boyfriend?  "Hey" was always his official greeting and it was always funny when the family replied back with their own "hey".  It was all in the delivery.
    One of my favorite episodes was when Alex falls in love with Ellen and races to the train station to stop her from marrying her boyfriend. He declares his love for her and that song "At This Moment" is playing in the background. Remember that song? I swooned when I saw Alex and Ellen embrace and I still swoon every time I see this episode and hear that song.  Such a sweet moment.
   I'm so happy that I can catch an episode of Family Ties when I want and get reacquainted with one of my favorite TV families. Now if only I could find a channel that airs The Facts of Life. I could use a dose of Mrs. G and the Eastland girls. Anyone have any leads? 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Scenes from a Snowstorm

Boston Common, Feb. 1, 2011      

Boston Common Tadpole Playground   

Boston Public Garden

Boston Public Garden   Feb. 1, 2011


Washington Street, Downtown Crossing

Business is open for Hot Dog Guy, Downtown Crossing

Scenes from a Snowstorm

Anyone else feel like they're starring in the movie Groundhog Day?  I feel like we're living the same week over and over.  A storm every Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday...same thing week after week.  If you had a snow day then I hope you enjoyed it!
Here are some scenes from today's storm.  
Boston Harbor, Fish Pier.  Logan Airport is usually visible across the harbor.
Feb. 1, 2011 at 9:20am.

Seaport Blvd., Boston.  Visibility is very limited heading into downtown.
Feb. 1, 2011  9:25am.

 Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Feb. 1, 2011